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How to use 2 independent sets of Mackie MCU/XT/C4 in Sonar

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Created in cooperation with toneblaze.

Installation instructions

* Check either you use 64bit version of Sonar or 32bit version. It can happened that you use 32bit version even on 64bit Windows. From Sonar menu "Help" open "About Sonar...". In the lower part you should see the string with version. If it ends with "x64", you are using 64bit version.
* Close Sonar
* Download the plug-in. It is on github and it is open source brach from Cakewalk orginal plug-in

* for 64 bit Sonar -
* for 32 bit Sonar -[li]In the Windows Explorer find the directory where all control surface plug-ins are. By default they are in "C:\Cakewalk\Shared Plugins". If you can not find it, search your disks for "MackieControl.dll" file. It is in the required directory (if you have 32bit AND 64bit installed, you will find both locations).
* Copy downloaded MackieControl2.dll into this directory
* You need to register this plug-in manually. For that:

* Start command line interface as Administrator. You can either find in as "Cmd"/"Cmd32" in the Start menu, right click and "Start as administrator"; or press Win+R, type "cmd" and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Note that if you register as a normal user, while you probably will get no error, it will not work
* Change to the director with plug-in, by default cd "C:\Cakewalk\Shared Plugins"  quotas are important since the name includes space!
* type regsvr32 MackieControl2.dll you should get confirmation dialog that registration was successful. If you get an error, you do not have Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 runtime installed (recent versions of Sonar should install it, but older versions not). You can download it from the Microsoft site: After installation, repeat the registration attempt
* In the same directory there is MackieControl.ini file with plug-ins mapping. If you want make Mackie Control work nicely with ProChannel EQ and Compressors, backup old file and replace it with That is going to work correctly with moded plug-ins only
* Open Sonar, and configure your second MCU (XT,C4) using "Mackie Control 2"/"Mackie Control XT 2"/"Mackie Control C4 2"
* Your devices should be completely independent now, you can assign different functions, WAI regions, select different FXes and other modes
If you like how your second MCU is working with ProChannel EQ and Compressor, you can replace original plug-ins with moded. Sonar should be closed, but no registration required after files replacement (but do not forget to make a backup before overwriting these files!).

* for 64 bit Sonar -
* for 32 bit Sonar -
If you have any problems or comments, you know how to find me  ;)

Wow thanks trying now.

Tried and no luck


--- Quote ---Tried and no luck
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really useful encouraging input.


--- Quote from: toneblaze on June 22, 2016, 12:49:56 AM ---Tried and no luck

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From the first screenshot, you are using 32bit Sonar version. Is that correct?
If yes, you had to download 32 bit version of plug-in.

In the second screenshot, if you try to choose the plug-in to use (combo-box with "ACT MIDI"), do you see "Mackie Control 2" near "Mackie Control"?
If not, you have not registered it (or not under Administrator account).

@MarKo: people can have different experience with computers, also the reply was more informative then no reply at all.


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