Author Topic: [AZ] Mackie HUI protocol preset  (Read 36800 times)

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Re: [AZ] Mackie HUI protocol preset
« Reply #45 on: May 11, 2020, 12:57:17 PM »
I am not sure why you try to use MCU in HUI mode, but there is nothing wrong with that. Note that HUI.spp is so limited, you will need to invest quite some time to make it close to available standard mackie functionality.
Original Mackie plug-in(s) a kind of "cooperate" when MCU+XT is configured. Independent AZ Controller instances do not communicate with each other. While you can set WAI (by mouse or special Actions List to mimic Mackie approach), you can not sync them later (f.e. if you move the first instance WAI you can not ask other instances to move).

AZ controller supports "cooperative" mode a bit different way: you declare one instance as "Master" and other as "Slaves". In slaves, you just set "block all midi" in options and never touch anything else. The whole configuration happens in the Master. So you get one logical device, composed from 2 (or more) physical. That works with any devices (it is not limited by MCU+XT).
But there are consequences. You will need to create (duplicate) all controls for extra devices and explicitly configure/MIDI learn them. So like you have 24 strips instead of 8. In such configuration there is just one WAI, so moving it will affect everything.