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WebTransport: remote transport control for Sonar using web browser

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The topic has shown no interest from community (surprise? not really...), but I just post here from CW Forum.

 For those who likes fancy toys for free and those who really need remote transport control without cables and apps, from any device which has network connection and a web browser or several such devices, also simultaneously:
AZ Web plug-in for Sonar.
A tiny Web server for your DAW.

You can check either it is going to work on your device without installing anything, visit:
You should get more or less the same picture as on photo. Do not be shocked on 32'' desktop monitor, it was thought for small devices

If everything looks and works as expected (press the buttons), you can control Sonar transport from that device:

* close Sonar
* download and run the installer from:;sa=view;down=41
* start Sonar
* in the Sonar Preferences, Control Surface section, add "AZ Web". Set "Input" and "Output" to None.
* open its control panel (Sonar Utilities menu, "AZ Web")
* check "Enabled" and then "Apply changes". Your firewall will probably start to warn you about new "server". That is ok! It IS Web server (very small one... it does not serve files from your computer and I believe it is rather hard to hack... still, do not enable it in public networks, someone can control your Sonar then )
* if everything is ok, you should see "Active" as status and one (or several) possible web addresses. These addresses can be wrong, especially if you have customized network infrastructure. But in this case you probably know correct IP of your computer.
* check with some browser on local PC, visit "http://localhost:4242/" first, than proposed address
* check with browser on other computer/phone/tables/game console in your network
To avoid misunderstanding. This program does not require Internet connection to run, just IPv4 network. The web page has a link to my site, but otherwise no analytics/spy/etc. scripts. This program does not try to access anything in the Internet, but it tries to find correct (local) URL for your computer (when you open its Property Page, otherwise there should be zero network activity from it except replies to the browser).

I'm very interested. I sometimes record in large spaces where it is impractical to run multiple long cables, so I use two recording rigs; one at each end. Remote transport control would be great, but only if I can get positive feedback confirming current operational status.

Have you tried it? If demo page is shown correctly on your device/browser, the plug-in should work as well (it has feedback).

I'll get to it this week, I hope. Feedback forthcoming  :)

It works like a charm on localhost, including proper status when working within the SONAR instance. I assume you're using a persistent socket. If so, do you have retry capabilities? I'd want a reliable connection in a location that uses WiFi or come other pervasive but disconnectable network technology.


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