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What it is
MIDI FX (MFX) plug-in for Sonar to change MIDI Notes velocity. A complimentary plug-in to Cakewalk Velocity MFX with "free hand" curve drawing.

The result is normally called "Dynamics" or "Response curve" in keyboards/DPs world. Such functionality is build-in into most piano VSTi and some general purpose synths. But not in all of them and usually with some limitations on the curve (linear, fast, slow). 

Installation package includes two DX format plug-ins (32 and 64 bits). So far tested with 32bit Sonar X2 and 64bit Sonar Platinum.

Why it is there
Other DAWs support MFX in VST format, so current third party products are VST only. Sonar does not support VST MFX (they can be used, but not convenient way and with some general problems).


* Close Sonar
* Visit AZ Velocity download section and download the installer
* Run the installer, on modern Windows you get a warning that you run unsigned executable from the Internal. In case you trust me and you get the installer from this (my) site, you can ignore the warning
* The plug-in is in DX format, no VST scan required
How to use
Insert "AZ Velocity" into MIDI track "FX bin" (Track Inspector for Instrument Tracks can be switched to MIDI in the bottom right corner).
Open the interface. By default the curve is linear (means no changes in values). You can draw arbitrary curve yourself.

Horizontally are 128 (from 0 to 127) input velocity, vertically also 128 possible values for output velocity.
NOTE: I strongly suggest to keep the first value (zero) mapped to zero, even if all other values are the same ("no dynamics"). MIDI Note with Velocity 0 is normally interpreted as "Note Off". Mapping it to something else can produce side effects.

Draw by "click" or "click and drag" (with left mouse button).

Default linear curve can be restored by double clicking.

Input velocities (live of from the track) are displayed for orientation.

You can save curves for future use by standard Cakewalk preset management (the top of the window). Import/Export can be done with Cakewalk Plug-in Manager (Utilities menu).

As with other MFXes, you can permanently apply the effect on MIDI Clips using "Process/Apply effect..." in Sonar.

13.01.2016 - UI enhancement

Hi Alexsey,
Sorry I've been so long getting to this!
Is this your plugin? From your post in the Cakewalk>Software forum it sounds like a program you found on the net and here it sounds like it's one of yours? I think it must be yours but I missed something with your English and my understanding.

Mike V

Hi Mike,

As you can see in the screen-shot of UI, it is from "". It is also called "AZ Velocity". During the installation you agree with my license...  So I have thought the origin is well defined  8)

I'm looking for a velocity program that may not exist - anywhere. I'd love to have a Midi app that allows you to make a custom velocity map per note across the keyboard. I have so many soft synths that I want to control this way. Playing a piano that has a dozen notes that always have to be raised/reduced in a 5 minute song is painful. And every piano is different. Do you know of such an app, sir? Much appreciated! - Shep


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