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Joystick as Sonar controller
« on: October 22, 2015, 08:53:23 PM »
You need version 0.4r2b290 (current test version) or later

Joysticks and other game controllers have buttons and some other controls, so why not use them to control Sonar?
Well... my spontaneous answer is "because they was not thought for that". But since some people ask, here it is  ;)

Attached preset control Volume (Y move with the first button pressed) and Pan (Y move with the second button pressed) of focused strip. You can move focus by left/right POV and change between Buses and Tracks by up/down POV.

When inserting AZ Controller for this preset, set Input/Output to "None". This preset does not work with MIDI devices.

Two comments for the preset:
  • I have made X/Y "system" controls. So you do not see them in the "Last MIDI event" (my joystick is too noisy). You can change that in the Options tab.
  • I have adjusted the range for Pan and correct "near center" position to be "absolute center". You can tune that for your device

Have fun!
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