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Soft synth focusing

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Note: b289 or later version is required for attached test preset.

Reading advertisements for new controllers (I guess you know names), I have remembered one feature I was missing. If I select some track, I would like to open the interface of corresponding Soft Synth. That is especially handy in case there are several instances of the same synth, so you can be sure you see what you really want to see.

Attached preset requires no real hardware and should work once loaded. It opens Synth every time you select some track related to it (and it closes whatever Synth it has opened before, not interesting on modern Sonar since it can do that automatically, but useful for older versions). If several tracks are related to the same synth, the result should be as expected (no "flickering").

Tested in X2 and SPlat.

Hi Alexey,

i just tried this and i like that, i will have to include that too ;)
i only have to find a free place for this function  >:(
because i don´t want it to execute on every track-change - just on button press.
i think i understand how it works, but the last "Open" seems not neccessary?


--- Quote from: MarKo on October 21, 2015, 09:57:06 PM --- but the last "Open" seems not neccessary?

--- End quote ---
You are right, I have just forgot to "clean up" it.


--- Quote ---You are right
--- End quote ---
maybe not...
now i want that on a button press. i thought that should be simple - and it was - until i found the problems.
if i do the same on a button, i can open/close the current synth just once.
i think it´s because the same synth-name is stored in both slots after the first press, so it opens/closes very quickly. so i thought that maybe your last "open" was perhaps on purpose and tried that. but this did not work  :(
although it should?
it works only, if i focus another track and press this button there, so the stored synth "slot" gets updated. so i can open/close each synth just once.
how would you code this to open/close synth on button press?

I remember now for what that open was good. When I close "previous" synth, while the focus is stay on the new one, closed synth get "highlighted" in the Rack window. This extra "open" fix that.

There is no "toggle" for the interface and there is no way to check either it is opened. The strategy is still monitor the change and close previous only in case it was really opened (remembering switches and open/close status in extra states). I will try to make such preset tomorrow.


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