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AZ Controller is a Control Surface Integration Platform for Cakewalk SONAR DAW.

It is a driver with user definable logic between your Hardware MIDI Controller and SONAR.

With AZ Controller, any device which communicates throw MIDI (as seen by Sonar) can be integrated into SONAR as deep as SONAR supports.

In comparison, Cakewalk Generic Surface plug-in directly map what you touch to some parameter. ACT MIDI Controller plug-in has build-in logic (Banks, Context, etc) but this logic is fixed and assumes you have "normal" set of controls (8 rotors, 8 sliders, 8 normal buttons and 1 software shift button). Other plug-ins are targeting concrete devices only.

AZ Controller supports arbitrary logic. The configuration can be as simple as for the Generic Surface, throw ACT MIDI Controller (see ma tutorial) up to full Mack.. Control logic and above.

That is an innovative approach not only for SONAR but in general. DAWs are ready to accept arbitrary commands from surfaces, many surfaces are arbitrary configurable in what they send. But the part "in between" is either configurable but simple (MIDI assign, ACT) or complex but is fixed (Mack.. and other proprietary devices). AZ Controller supports arbitrary complexity and it is fully configurable. Not bound to any particular device, that opens the way to get "perfect" integration for each user without asking CW or the hardware producer (history shows that such requests are normally ignored).

Caution: current releases have Beta quality. Please do not complain you was not warned.

Major features:
  • flexible (programmable) logic with support for arbitrary number of modifiers, banks, etc. and combinations of them as well as time based reaction (double clicks and a like)
  • support any type and number of controls, including simple knobs, faders and buttons, (touch sensitive) pads (with color indication), endless encoders (with ring indication), motorized faders and touch strips
  • support touch function (automation overwrite) either in direct (when indicated by the hardware) or emulated (using extra buttons) modes
  • support arbitrary feedback to the device, including motors, rings, LEDs and displays
  • arbitrary sized build-in display with user defined information (from fixed text up to parameter values)
  • many possible methods for target strip/parameter selection, including "by name"
  • "direct", "catch", "instant control" with response curves and "step" (endless encoders imitation) with arbitrary resolution for knobs and faders
  • support for different modes of the same physical control
  • visual ACT mapping
  • transparent (direct) ACT operations
  • ACT "speed dial" and "save/recall" for quick parameter control
  • FX, Synth and Filters (ProChannel) parameters direct control (without ACT)
  • keyboard shortcuts, including arbitrary sequences of them
  • Arbitrary MIDI send back to controller, including dynamic construction of MIDI/SysEx messages
  • Jog functionality
  • real time monitoring for input events and executed actions
  • parameter range control
  • "Macros"/functions to reuse at several places
  • TTS (Text To Speech) support throw SAPI5 and Sonar accessibility window
  • Joystick (game controllers) support
  • OSC
  • Temporarily disable assignments to allow MIDI recording from the same hardware controls
  • Insertion/deletion of FX plug-ins with selection
  • 32/64bit, installer/uninstaller
  • supports SONAR up to 2016
  • one of the most cryptic user interfaces you have ever seen ;)

Other features:
  • all simple/compound MIDI messages are recognized, bulk SysEx can be used as input for buttons.
  • unlimited number of user definable software states, "value map" mode for selection
  • strip selection by absolute id, current, WAI and by name
  • value change modes: direct, catch, instant, toggle, predefined values, step, endless, ribbon
  • WAI control
  • all SONAR commands, including legacy one
  • all strip parameters (including Sends) except surround
  • Context control
  • Automations control
  • can block complete MIDI channels, SysEx and some combinations, per MIDI channel, per device
  • flexible movement between markers
  • parameter range, to control specific part of the whole range or use hardware with unusual range
  • arbitrary text can be displayed in Control Bar
  • strip level can be monitored
  • tunable "Jitter fix" for motorized faders
  • operate on synth related to track (can "find" it)

In case you do not have big experience in Logical Quest games and you do not want spend next day(s) in attempt to understand how to change the volume of the first track by first slider on your surface, please read at least Quick start guide.
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