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AZ Controller 0.4r1
« on: August 03, 2015, 11:32:53 AM »
Please visit the documentation section in case you have never installed this plug-in before.

Download it now

There should be no Ads, spies or other nasty parts in this download. Neither installer nor the DLL should ever try to connect to the Internet. If you see such a warning from your OS, stop the installation/use immediately. The DLL can theoretically write a log file into its own folder, but that should not happened with releases.

This is the only place where you can get the original AZ Controller for sure. The license allows coping/distributing it unchanged, but I am not responsible for distributors misbehavior. 

Changelog (b286 - b287)
  • NEW: make ACT XML file text editor friendly

Changelog (b285 - b286)
  • FIX (CORRUPTION!): introduced in b284 regression, moving actions could produce corruption in configuration

Changelog (b284 - b285)
  • CHANGE: Goto Marker is renamed to Marker, the action can either move now time or just save selected marker name

Changelog (b283 - b284)
  • CHANGE: "New"/"Paste" buttons insert Action(s) after selected one (in case some Action is selected)
  • NEW: Multi-selection of actions (continuous block only). For Play, Delete, Move and Copy
  • NEW: Keyboard shortcuts for the Action List operations
  • NEW: Property Page height can be changes
  • NEW: Ignore MIDI input option

Changelog (b281 - b283)
  • Change: recalling last changed ACT parameter when it is not set, set invalid parameter instead of failing

Changelog (b279 - b281)
  • NEW: WAI Action has Allign option, the action execution performance is optimized

Changelog (since 0.4r0)
  • FIX: FastForward/Rewind definition in preset generator for ZED R16 and Startup
  • FIX: incorrect (very) old presets importing with (rare if ever used) set of parameters of Set State action
  • Change: AZ Core engine internals
  • Change: MIDI engine is changed one more time, support for all kind of "fancy" protocols (except SysEx based)
  • Change/New: Key action is extended to use text. Singe key can be repeated
  • NEW: MIDI events can be looped back to the input of plug-in
  • CHANGE: more ProChannel modules are recognized in German version of Sonar
  • NEW: Clip Select (unfortunately does not work for projects with folders) and Centered Track Clip Select (work always) functions
  • NEW: Select Action
  • NEW: Clip Edit Action
  • NEW: Rude Record Arm (monitor) and Rude Automation Arm Monitoring
  • NEW: Scroll/Zoom Action (for clip select/edit)
  • NEW: GoTo DataCursor function
  • NEW: Container System State
  • CHANGE: Context Functions should be SONAR crash resistant now
  • NEW: Say Function and TTS support (SAPI5)
  • NEW: Append in Text Buffer Action
  • CHANGE: Internal Display is reworked
  • CHANGE: the plug-in knows about change of parameters immediately, before SONAR update them, so LED/Display indication can be done inside control processing without tricks
  • CHANGE: mapping from current parameter value to Software State
  • NEW: Find FX Function
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