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Clip Editing example
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:36:18 PM »
Caution: advanced topic, I assume you are familiar with AZ Controller programming

Note 1: this is just a test of corresponding actions, this preset does not pretend to be either complete nor useful
Note 2: this preset was originally created on StudioMix, which has non standard mapping for all controls. Please let me know in case there are some problems with "usual" controls.
Note3: to use with v0.4r1b263 or later

To test attached preset as is you will need 8 endless encoders (even better if one of them is really a jogger) and 4 buttons with On/Off function. To use other control types, modify the preset (for example to use with normal knobs, change everywhere "Endless" to "Step").

  • Mode Set is to imitate "normal" (Mix), not defined here (except Jogger) and the switch into "Edit" mode
  • In edit mode, operations are done using "Data Edit" SONAR cursor, which is independent from the Current Strip and Now time
  • In edit mode:
    • Jogger and eVJogger:
      • No modifiers - move cursor horizontally and vertically
      • With Ctrl - zoom
      • With Shift - select
    • eSelBtn switch between Clip or Time selection
    • Other controls modify corresponding parameter
    • Nudge is not applied immediately but after 2 seconds of not moving nudge controls. SONAR crash too fast otherwise.
  • Warning: "Nudging" audio clip to MIDI track initiate its conversion to MIDI (in SPlat case with Melodyne), if something is touched during that processing, SONAR freeze.
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