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Note:  AZ Controller  v0.4r1b254 or later is required to use this preset

How to use:

* Install AZ Controller plug-in first (at the moment the latest test version).
* Insert AZ Controller in the "Control Surfaces" section of SONAR preferences and attach HUI compatible device MIDI Input/Output to it. It is good idea to detach it from other plug-ins, in case you have already used it with sonar.
* Import attached preset (HUI.spp) using Cakewalk Plug-in Manager (from Utilities menu in Sonar)
* Open AZ Controller configuration dialog
* Select HUI preset
The preset defines at the moment:

* Motorized faders with touch, control Volume
* Encoders control Pan (ring feedback)
* Mute/Solo/Rec control corresponding strip function (with LED feedback)
* Next/Previous Bank
Note: the preset is created and tested with Novation Nocturn under Automap HUI mode and supports only functions exposed by that device/emulation.

Good job!

Can you define midi time code and transport controls? :)


--- Quote from: musicrazy on March 18, 2016, 08:17:27 AM ---Can you define midi time code and transport controls? :)

--- End quote ---
Transport controls I can try to define but I can not test them, so that will be up to you and I expect feedback in that case (I mean the answer
either it works or not, usual feedback is a silence... and that is not motivating).

But with MTC I do not understand what you mean. Which device do you have?
Sonar has own MTC processing (in Preferences), Control Surfaces API can work with MTC signals but it can not sync (it is called ~13 times per second only).

Hi az. Thank you for your fast reply. Of course i will test it and give you all the feedback. Not only feedback but also the credits for helping sonar music community. It's great to have users like you trying to help others. Hi have a mackie d8b mixer console with os 5.1, so i have a layer with hui control surface on it to control a daw. I use sonar platinum and you know cakewalk doente support mackie hui.i can get mtc time code on console so i have a clock sync on d8b to use the transport controls. The problem is that when i go to hui mode console stops receiving midi time clock. The clock stop to show on lcd. I get out of hui and i have time on lcd again... Maybe hui protocol use mtc on a different way. It would be great if we could have an hui to mackie control interpreter based on your azslow. I can help you with tests if you need. Thankx and congratulations for your work.


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