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ACT Speed Dial (preset)
« on: May 22, 2015, 06:34:40 PM »
  • SONAR (tested on X2 or later, but should work with older versions)
  • Controller which send MIDI and has at least 1 knob, (endless) encoder or slider. The preset can use up to 3 Knobs and 2 Buttons

AZ Controller installation
If you have not done that yet:
  • download the latest released version mentioned in the News section
  • close Sonar
  • run the installation executable (it is not signed and you will be warned about that)
  • start Sonar

Preset installation
  • download attached preset file
  • run Cakewalk Plugin Manager from Utilities menu
  • select "Control Surfaces" "AZ Controller"
  • click on "Import", select downloaded file, click "Open"
  • close Plugin Manager

Plugin instantiation
  • Open Sonar Preferences (P key)
  • Select "MIDI"/ "Control surfaces"
  • If you have some plug-in already working with the device you are going to use, assign it to different MIDI sources or after saving current configuration in some preset remove it from the list
  • press "star" to add new plug-in, select AZ Controller and your device input, click "OK"
  • close "Preferences" (click "OK")

Preset loading
  • Open AZ Controller Property Page from Utilities menu or Control Bar ACT Module. I recommend make the module visible, since it will show which parameter you control
  • In Presets select "ACT Speed Dial"

MIDI Learn
  • Switch to the Hardware Tab
  • Select "Encoder 1 (ACT Speed Dial)"  in the Hardware Control section (it should be selected by default)
  • Turn/move your first knob/encoder/slider, you should see the MIDI event it produce in the "Last MIDI event". If not (you still see "(None)" here, check your MIDI configuration and the input for AZ Controller. In case your device communicate by (N)RPNs or 14 bit CCs, set so named flag in the "Options" Tab (do NOT set it if not required by device).
  • Click "Assign MIDI"
  • Select "Encoder 2" (if you have it), turn second knob/encoder/slider, click "Assign MIDI"
  • Repeat the procedure for other encoder and 2 buttons (without buttons you can not use encoders 2 and 3 in this preset)

Adaptation to the hardware controls
In case you have normal knobs or sliders, no modification required. In case you have endless encoders:
  • switch to the "Logic" Tab
  • select "Encoder 1 (ACT Speed Dial)" (should be selected by default)
  • click on "Direct Linear, timeout touch" Action
  • In the "Action configuration" section, change "Direct" to "Endless" and then "Native" to "MIDI"
  • Repeat the change for other encoders (2 and 3)

How to use
Start modify some parameter in plug-in/ProChannel module by mouse (but not Sonar parameters, like track volume). You should see the parameter name in the "ACT Module" inside Control Bar. The first encoder should be able to control that parameter. Touch another parameter by mouse to switch.

While some parameter is selected, press Button 1. From that time, Encoder 2 will control that parameter even in case you select other parameter inside that plugin. Use Button 2 to assign Encoder 3. That way, you can control up to 3 parameter by 3 encoders (2 remembered and 1 in focus).

Please note, that the assignment is only working when the plugin/module in question has the focus. You can use "ACT Lock" button on ACT Module to fix the focus.

In case you do not see the parameter name after changing it by mouse, the parameter is not ACT mapped. Try to use "ACT" Tab with "ACT Learn" mode to assign the parameter to some (does not matter which) ACT control. See separate posts about the procedure, possible bugs and work around for such mapping.
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Re: ACT Speed Dial (preset)
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