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Produced in cooperation with Symetrk, Gswitz and Frankjcc.

Preset should work out of the box.

How to use it:

* Install AZ Controller plug-in first (download the latest released version mentioned in the News section)
* Configure AlphaTrack MIDI Input/Output in SONAR as described in its documentation. But do not proceed with the original AlphaTrack Sonar plug-in. If it is listed in the Sonar Control Surfaces, please remove it. AlphaTrack should be in native mode. The preset tries to switch to that mode on load.
* Insert AZ Controller in the "Control Surfaces" section of SONAR preferences and attach AlphaTrack MIDI Input/Output to it
* Open AZ Controller configuration dialog
* Switch to the "Options" Tab and in the "Tweak current configuration..." drop box select "AlphaTrack".
* You can change encoder resolution in coarse and fine modes, I recommend to try default and regenerate the preset in case you do not like it. Also in case you have periodic "disconnects" of Alphatrack, you can regenerate the preset with slower display updates (bigger number in the corresponding combo box). To switch focus or open UI for the changed plug-in in Plug-in Mode Page 1, select corresponding option. You can also change complete Plug-in Page 1 to ACT mode (first 2 encoders are also ACT controls in that case)
* Press "Create preset"
* In the preset name box (on top of the window) type "AlphaTrack" and press "Save" button. Select just saved preset to reload it (that should setup WAI and switch native mode)

The has the functionality described in the Origianal documentation for AlphaTrack with Sonar.

Some features from the original documentation which are not going to be implemented or implemented differently:

* Shift+Stop. Marked as "Local setting (hold buttons)". I could not understand what it is
* 2 Fingers in Scrub mode also "jogging", not "shuttling". Originally implemented, I have found that impractical since the speed of scrubbing is constant (and equal to the normal play speed)
* Track/Bus switch is implemented on encoder push. Since there are only 2, I do not see a reason to ask turn the encoder in addition
* Pan Page 2 (surround parameters). Please request if you need them (I do not use surround features for myself).
* Plug-in mode has second page which is "ACT Speed Deal" with Encoder 3. If selected at preset generation time, Page 1 and 2 encoders on Page 2 are in ACT mode. The third encoder on page 2 is still "ACT Speed Deal"
* Only ProChannel EQ is supported (no "EQ Type Select")
* Reset Pan to center for strip and sends are done by long (>0.5 sec) pressing corresponding encoder. Other parameters do not have default value
* Pressing middle encoder in Send mode page 2 call "Insert send assistent"
Tip for the preset customization: in the "Option" Tab, "Software States" section you can change the default state which is set on preset load. Select required Set first, select required State, check "Default state" and press "Save". Note, the effect will be after Sonar restart/saved preset reload only. Useful Sets (changing default state for other Sets either have no effect or produce unexpected results):

* Mode
* Pan/Trim
* EQ Band
* LeftRes./MiddleRes./RightRes. - initial Resolution of corresponding encoder

For those who do not understand what AZ Controller is
What is discussed here is just a preset for AZ Controller plug-in. It is not hack/RE from the original one. I am followed (public) available documentation and I have reproduced (close to) the same result from the original device (which I do not have).


Finally got a chance to give it a try.  Looks like a good start.  The only inconsistency I'm noticing so far is that pressing the 'Pan' button also lights up the 'Auto' button and pressing the 'Auto' button after it's already been lit turns off both the 'Pan' and 'Auto' buttons.

I'm not as familiar with the AlphaTrack (compared to FaderPort) so if there's anything specific you'd like me to test out, just let me know.  The scroll strip does work (pretty cool!) but I'll have to do some more comparisons with the original plugin to see if there are any noticeable differences.

Thank for the first bug. Fixed.

As I have mentioned, everything except encoders and display should work (as described in the original documentation). I am a bit busy now, so I am not advancing fast.

So, I have "coded" the whole stock documentation into the preset. All modes/shift/flips/etc except display (which is not described well in the documentation). Everything is absolutely untested so (no comparable devices in hands, and "emulating" it with what I have is a challenge on its own).   

I hope you understand that there will be no future development till I see some feedback (bug reports, suggestions, etc).


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