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Dear friends,

You can attach your presets to posts in the Discussions board. Please use Cakewalk Plug-in Manager (from Utilities menu) and select only one particular preset per file. Only "AZ Controller" presets should be published to avoid confusion, please do not upload presets from other named "instances" of AZ Controller (if you want to publish such preset, first export/import it into "AZ Controller" and then save SPP file).

Sharing your presets can help other. That also can help me decide what should be optimized or point you to the way to do things simpler in current version.

The nature of AZ Controller presets does not allow to guess what it does without spending an hour. So, please write at least several works what other should expect from the preset.

To keep this board clean and "on topic", it is not allowed to post here directly. I will move corresponding topics from the Discussions board in case the topic is "ready" to be published in the "ready to use presets". I hope that is not going to be interpreted as overusing my admin power, at least that is not my intention.


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