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ProChannel CS API
« on: June 27, 2014, 07:08:00 PM »
Unlike the original name promise, the reality is different. I have tried to make use of it from my AZ Controller just to find out the following: it looks like some old (pre X) Filter code inside SONAR continuously "fights" with new ProChannel code. Also the graphical part of the later one is constructed differently from the rest of the interface, good visible under Wine.

So, what I have found:
  • "Old" identifiers for Filters was fixed: EQ=0, COMP=1, etc. "New" identifiers (used on the same API place!) are normal id, based on the place of the module inside ProChannel rack. The result: when the strip is selected, the modules can be accessed by the "new" IDs, but once the focus is away from the strip, "old" IDs are blocking the control.
  • Some API calls return correct results for some Modules (Name, "Enabled"), but the same calls return nothing for other modules
  • In case UI is asked to be opened by API, it opens some "property" window for some modules (like EQ), not the "nice" interfaces.
  • There is a new ID published on GitHub for "Filters", but I have not found any information how to use it (it is not used in any published code), VS-700 code is PC aware. Not that I hope to find something new, but I should check.
  • There is a new API call to make the context "prochannel", may be that can be used.
  • Switching "Enable" for Compressor using API switch the compressor type.
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