Author Topic: Sibiac: Single Image Blob Interface Accessible Control  (Read 9402 times)

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Sibiac: Single Image Blob Interface Accessible Control
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:10:08 PM »
Sibiac is a set of accessible overlays for not accessible programs and plug-ins. That allows control such programs as accessible. More about Sibiac.

Note: Wiki is simpler to read and understand then this site. The difference is like between well written book and pure technical specification.

Installation instructions.

Currently supported programs:
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Re: Sibiac: Single Image Blob Interface Accessible Control
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 05:32:14 PM »
Change log:
21.02.18 - 0.22p1
  Fix: not English usernames 

24.12.18 - 0.22
  New: EZ Drummer, Howard Benson, NadIR

28.11.18 - 0.21b3
  New: Melodyne shortcut preferences

26.11.18 - 0.21b1
  New: bridged plug-ins support in REAPER
  New: mic settings in Addictive Drums 2

23.11.18 - 0.2014
  New: SynthMaster player

20.11.18 - 0.20b3
  New: preset loading for Sforzando and VCSO2

19.11.18 - 0.20b2
  New: really complete operations in EZMix 2

18.11.18 - 0.20b1
  New: complete operations in EZMix 2
  Change: Sibiac tries automatically maximize FX window

13.11.18 - 0.19b3
  Change: EZMix 2 and GTune are using NVDA text instead of OCR

12.11.18 - 0.19b2p1
  Fix: favorites adding announcement in EZMix 2
  Fix: demo mode handling in EZMix 2 

11.11.18 - 0.19b2
  Fix: OSARA audition during working inside Sibiac overlays

10.11.18 - 0.18b5
  Fix: arrows in Zampler modulation table
  New: EZMix 2

5.11.18 - 0.18b4
  Change: Melodyne, Main mode added
  Fix: buttons in Melodyne Shortcut preferences
  Fix: Tools in Melodyne Essencial
  New: Spanish localization in Melodyne
  New: Synapse audio Zampler VST in REAPER

4.11.18 - 0.18b3
  Fix: false warning when the interface really on the screen
  Fix: amplitude editing in Melodyne

3.11.18 - 0.18b2
  Fix: bug in text editing controls
  Change: names are changed to standard for Melodyne
  Change: tool parameters are now after Edit virtual control
  New: audition for direct switching tools by shortcuts
  New: pitch modulation, pitch drift, time and attack speed tools
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Re: Sibiac: Single Image Blob Interface Accessible Control
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2018, 06:42:32 PM »
Before I should start my message, i would wanted apologize if my message has been written to wrong topic. I just not found appropriate topic so i've decided write here.

Before i want say thank you for great delopment for producers who needs to get accessibility in VSTS! That's really great idea, realisation, and performance! It's also allows to avoid use JFW with NKPro scripts where too much many key commands and slow performance vs SIBIAC works fast, accuracy and proposes the pseudo-interface. Thank you!

I might wanted to propose you to participate in development for. I am programming a little, also I have the friend wwho is programming too and he makes it better then me. Also he loves explore new synths, plugins and etc. He uses Reaper. We can help SIBIAC to get support new plugins and synths. We've wrote some stufs for simple access to some plugins and we want to move these to SIBIAC. But now it has a few difficult problems:
1. You've removed the sibiac.exe utility that might help us to provide develop a new plugins. Also there's no guides to use it and add new coordinates and data. May you publish it here in appropriate topic with short help for?
2. At last version SIBIAC got splited code with main implementations and plugins implementations, but it's still needs to be imported into appModule file... I know Python bad but i think it wold be realised as dynamic import from plugins folder maybe?
3. May we contact via some methods to to discuss about?

Thank you for response in advance!
And excuse me if my english is bad, my native language russian. :)

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Re: Sibiac: Single Image Blob Interface Accessible Control
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2019, 01:21:18 PM »
Hello Aleksey! I want to make the request about kontakt5 or kontakt6. is it possibly to make it more accessible through Sibiac? I use golden cursor for adding instruments and libraries to kontakt. it would more comfortable to use Sibiac instead golden cursor. Thanks for this great accessible addon!

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Re: Sibiac: Single Image Blob Interface Accessible Control
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2019, 02:42:51 PM »
For Kontakt there is Kontakt Access from access4music. In addition all NKS keybaords support accessible operations now. I do not say Sibiac will never support Kontakt,
but for sure that is not going to happened soon.