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Presets / Re: [Hermu] NOVATION Impulse 49/61
« Last post by keki on September 17, 2020, 04:29:59 PM »
Thanks! I did read the whole thread a couple of times - guess I missed it - just a lot to take in  :)
Presets / Re: [Hermu] NOVATION Impulse 49/61
« Last post by azslow3 on September 17, 2020, 02:55:15 PM »
The documentation is in the first post, from Hermu. Including:
[Shift]+[Button 2] - Select Mode: Track
[Shift]+[Button 3] - Select Mode: Bus
[Shift]+[Button 4] - Select Mode: ACT
Presets / Re: [Hermu] NOVATION Impulse 49/61
« Last post by keki on September 17, 2020, 03:40:16 AM »
Thanks for the reply. I noticed that if I change:

Overview -> Current Software State -> Mode

From Track to ACT then controller works on the Plug-Ins (but no longer on the Mixer) based on the mappings in the ACT tab.

I guess the question now is, is there a way to toggle between Track/ACT quickly?


Presets / Re: [Hermu] NOVATION Impulse 49/61
« Last post by azslow3 on September 16, 2020, 09:31:12 PM »
Hi Kevin,

AZ Controller presets do not come with plug-ins mappings. You need to "ACT learn" plug-ins you want (eventually use AZ ACT Fix utility, to backup/fix/clear/create mappings).

Usual procedure apply, as described in Cakewalk documentation. Important to set your controller (the preset) into ACT mode. You should see the mode on AZ Display (not the same as ACT tab in AZ Controller GUI, see the first post in this thread).

In short, once you switch controller to ACT mode, press "A L" button in plug-in window, move parameters in plug-in with mouse, turn/move/press corresponding controls on device (in the same sequence), press "A L" button again, confirm assignment in appeared dialog, done.

PS. Note that such way produce different result from MIDI learn inside plug-in. ACT is used to control parameters throw automations, MIDI does that throw the track MIDI input.  In case of software instruments, MIDI learn sometimes is preferred way for recording performance (simper to edit in PRV to sync with modified notes). I do not think this preset supports switching controls into MIDI mode, so you will need to switch on the hardware side (so controls are sending events not defined in the preset). That is just for info, not to confuse you ;)
Presets / Re: [Hermu] NOVATION Impulse 49/61
« Last post by keki on September 16, 2020, 02:50:17 PM »

Does this preset already have the mappings for the built in Plug-Ins?

I'm looking at the SI-Electric Piano and in AZ Controller GUI I can see in the ACT tab it looks like there are mappings but none of the Plug-In params change when I turn the rotors.


No, you add another control into the same preset. If you have done the tutorial you should know how to: create new control, assign midi to it and add actions (for this control you do not need actions).
So I create another instance in AZ controller and name it "Fadertoutch2). After that I select "system".. Where is the "system" option?
It is getting a bit complicated, but I will try to explain short.

Arturia has not written special software for all DAWs, but they claim "almost any" DAW compatibility. To achieve that, they try to imitate "well know" controllers. Physically device does not have sufficient controls nor real properties to do this completely, but on MIDI level they mimic it.

Ch:1 N:105 is "FADER 2 TOUCHED" (127) "FADER 2 NO LONGER TOUCHED" (0) in Mackie language. I guess you are using MCU preset on the device (that can be checked/changes, see Arturia manual). Physically faders are not touch sensitive, so they just send "Touched" then "Real value" then "No longer touched" sequence. AZ Controller shows just one MIDI event per time, so you only see the last one.

To continue work with MCU preset on Arturia, you need to ignore these "Touch" messages. For that, define separate control (sets name it FaderTouch2) and select "System" type for it and MIDI learn it from N:105 (other messages for other faders). Leave logic empty. After that you no longer will see that (useless) messages and can finally learn real fader messages (will be PB:2, so PitchBend).
Do not forget to set "Block all channel messages" and "Block SysEx" in the Options tab of AZ Controller.

So, what I got from the rotor in track one after following the instructions was like expected from what I observed in the midi evnt. The fader in Track 1 jumps between -74,1 and -7,4 or somethimg. No dynamic movement inbetween. They are also reversed.

Regarding faders: When I try to read the midi event from the fader I try to program it just says: "ch:1 N:105 Valoe:0 OFF". When I move the fader the info flimmers, but it doesn`t change the value.

Does this mean that the Arturia isn`t able to send the values correctly? Or is it any settings I have overlooked?

The fader now responds, but in a strange way. I can make it incerase only or decrease only. Meaning, no matter which way I use the fader the slider is just moving in one direction. Or with some settings it just jumps to the top or bottom.

The insert marker command doesn`t seem to work. I can attatch the button and seemingly get it right, but CbB doesn`t actually insert marker...
I recommend to read,12.0.html , in particular "Endless encoders" at the end of that post.

In fact in most cases encoders are more convenient to use then finite knobs, they are always "in position" and you can set "resolution" to your taste.
You need to adjust parameters for Value Action for encoders (defaults are for finite knobs - "Direct Linear"). Start with "Endless MIDI" and (based on your
observation) set "Accelerated". In case direction is "wrong", set "reverse". If still no luck, try to set "Alternative endless encoders" in the Options Tab.

Once you have it working, but do not like the resolution change Value Action parameter "MIDI" to "4% per tick" and start fine adjusting it. In practice, I normally
define one button as resolution switch. So I can switch between coarse and fine resolution for all encoders. But I can explain that once you are so far... 
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