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Title: Melodyne
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Melodyne is a great program for pitch correction and much more.

Melodyne is using Ctrl+Alt+Arrows key combinations. If you have Intel graphic card:
Quote from: Autery Weeks
I had to disable hotkeys in graphics options on my device. You find this by right clicking on the desktop and scroll down until you hear graphics options submenu. Then arrow right once, you should hear hotkeys submenu. Arrow right one more time and you should hear: enable hotkeys!!! If you arrow down, you should hear disable hotkeys.

Getting Melodyne

Important settings
Sibiac will not work correctly till you apply special settings. They will be remembered.
The first control once all dialogs are closed it "Top menu". Melodyne use Alt key for special actions, so you can not get there usual way. But menu itself is standard. Press Enter on "Top menu" control to active the menu.

At that point you should have functional with Sibiac Melodyne state.

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Post by: azslow3 on November 01, 2018, 08:45:10 PM
Melodyne with Sibiac user manual

General operations
As with all Sibiac overlays, keyboard operations are provided by Sibiac. So no usual NVDA controls and modes can be used. Some shortcuts are handled by Melodyne or accessible system dialogs.

General layout

File operations

"Edit" operations
I recommend to use the following shortcuts only when "Edit" control is in focus. Since most of them are processed by Melodyne, they will work everywhere but can be confusing.
You can switch between tools without navigating to the tool selector using function keys. F1 switch to Main tool. F2 switch between pitch tools. You can press it one, two or three times to set the mode. F3 set formant tool. F4 set amplitude tool. F5 switch between time and attack speed tools when pressed one or 3 times. Pressing it 3 times switch into unsupported time handle tool, the audition is just "Time".

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Post by: azslow3 on November 01, 2018, 09:03:55 PM
Global tuning
You case select all tones by Ctrl+A. There are also some other selections in the Edit  "Select special" menu.
In the Edit menu there is Quantization Macros / Correct Pitch dialog. You can use that for auto-correction of the selection.

In the Algorithm menu you can set required algorithms as well as default one. Every time you change, current file will be re-analyzed.

Polyphonic algorithms are available in Editor and Studio only. Note that you want that algorithms for everything except natural monophonic. So dry voice, flute, etc will work fine with Melodic.  But piano produce overlapped tones even when you play a melody. Keep that in mind when considering Melodyne version. For general purpose I recommend Editor. I do not support most features of Studio and Essential has only basic pitch operations.

I recommend to disable automatic check for updates. I am not sure that Sibiac will work without changes with the next update.

Other important settings are in Audio and Default tuning in the User interface.

Warning: be careful with shortcuts page. If you are in shortcut page, navigate to the page selector and change the page. Even in case you just want close preferences. In case some action is currently in learning state, any key or combination, including Escape and Alf+F4 will be assigned to this action! There is no way to tell Melodyne to stop learning, except by changing the page. Note that even in case preferences dialog is closed, when you open it again Melodyne will remember that you are learning action.

To assign a shortcut, in the shortcuts tree select required action with up and down arrows. Sections can be opened and closed by Enter.
Once required action is found, press Enter. From that moment any key you press on keyboard is assigned to this action. Even in case you tab out of the tree. Till you switch from the shortcut preferences page. You can delete current assignment by first entering learning mode for the action in question, tab to delete button and pressing enter.
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Title: Re: Melodyne
Post by: Outsidepro on December 12, 2018, 09:29:17 PM
There is a problem in latest update: the arrow keys are blocked in pseudo interface and don't executes the direct actions. I mean if I am pressing the right or left or etc arrow key while editor focused, it doesn't moves between tones. I have to press NVDA+F2 first. Then I can press an arrow key.
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Post by: azslow3 on December 12, 2018, 10:15:36 PM
Thank you for reporting, I have uploaded 0.21b4 and I hope the problem is fixed. I have only tested the fix with my current development version, so let me know if the fix does not work with release...
Title: Re: Melodyne
Post by: Grisha on March 05, 2019, 10:18:56 AM
Hello. I can't edit and play audio files in melodyne.
When I focus to melodyne by alt tab or other methods, I hear message:
Warning: NVDA window with topmost flag hide a part of the interface. Sibiac will not work correctly.
Thanks for help!
Title: Re: Melodyne
Post by: azslow3 on March 05, 2019, 09:20:25 PM
That is just a warning. But it means exactly what it announce, for some reason you have NVDA window open and overlap with Melodyne. For graphic based accessibility tools (SIBIAC and and clickers) the application in question should not be covered by other applications.

Still you should be able to use Tab and get to the "Top menu". Make sure that all Options in Melodyne are set as described in the documentation, to hide not used parts of Melodyne interface and allow predicted placement of used controls.
Title: Re: Melodyne
Post by: Grisha on March 08, 2019, 06:21:10 PM
I made mistake.
I tested melodyne demo. melodyne player.
I couldn't edit imported audio.
When I installed full version of melodyne, not demo. everythin have worked fine!