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Title: Behringer X32
Post by: fayettec on February 17, 2017, 08:39:54 PM
I'm thinking of getting the X32 or the Allen & Heath QU-24c. I'd like the X32 over the QU-24 for the scribble strips and i believe  touch faders. However, I find that the X32 Daw control is limited to 8 fader channels. It seams like this utility might bridge the gap for sonar like the Patrick-Gilles Maillot app does for the X32 and  reaper. That is, all fader channels and scribble strips intergrate with reaper.

Can I get the X32 and this app and live happily ever after?
Title: Re: Behringer X32
Post by: azslow3 on February 17, 2017, 10:31:59 PM
Theoretically yes. Practically you will have to invest quite some time in creating corresponding preset, since no one else has done that yet. I do not have X32, and I must say creating presets for complicated devices by looking on pictures is not an easy job. But I will help of cause. Unfortunately I have several tasks in the queue, so you should be prepared to be patient if you decide to go this way.

To make it clear. You can configure everything yourself, just asking question when something is not possible. But you will need to learn how to program AZ Controller. Other way is just testing what I will configure for you, but it can take a while till I make something to test.
Title: Re: Behringer X32
Post by: fayettec on February 21, 2017, 04:29:54 PM
Thanks much for your help.

I really like the 'Idea' of having an x32 for all the promise it seems to hold in being good live and good as controller. I am a programmer by day so I think i can help make a contribution to the AZSlow community by getting a X32 preset going. The thing I'most concerned with is doing automation.

As I recall, If i use the cakewalk generic control surface i cant play back automation, or write over it while the faders are flying.

So to be clear, I should be able to do this once i create the configuration? And I'll be able to share the config too?
Title: Re: Behringer X32
Post by: azslow3 on February 21, 2017, 07:42:53 PM
AZ Controller exposes near everything Sonar allows a controller to do (may be the only not covered part is "surround", no one has asked so far and I do not need it...).
The means everything Generic Control, Mackie and VS-700 can do is possible with AZ Controller. In practice even a bit more.

Generic Control is not supporting touch, so overwriting automation is not working good with touch mode.

You should be able to create the configuration. May be some changes are required in the binary part, may be you uncover some bugs. But I am there and all bug reports or feature requires are welcome.

Before you start creating real preset, I recommend to learn AZ Controller a bit:
1) Quick start tutorial
2) AZ Controller internal display tutorial
2) ACT MIDI Explained tutorial
3) then (and only then!) read the complete manual once
4)  Button or pads with LED tutorial
5) try to understand how A&H ZED R16 preset is working

That will cost you several hours, but can save much more if you start creating complicated staff. Creating simple presets, like ZED R16, will take just a hour with that knowledge. But creating complete "wonder" (like BCR2000 preset) will take weeks.