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Presets / Re: [Hermu] M-Audio Oxygen 61 3rd (blue)
« Last post by Hermu on September 20, 2017, 05:39:26 PM »
New M-Audio Oxygen 49/61 3rd (blue) preset released
all infos are in my updated 1st post with new updated M-Audio Oxygen 49/61 3rd (blue) preset version to download.
Presets / Re: [Hermu] NOVATION Impulse 61
« Last post by Hermu on September 19, 2017, 01:51:23 PM »
New NOVATION Impulse 61 preset released
all infos are in my updated 1st post with new updated NOVATION Impulse 61 preset version to download.
Presets / Re: [Hermu] iCON iControls
« Last post by Hermu on September 19, 2017, 01:48:58 PM »
New iCON iControls preset released
all infos are in my updated 1st post with new updated iCON iControls preset version to download.
It took me some time to check before the answer, sorry for the delay.

That is more features then a bug, but when I was implementing that I have also thought that is a bug... If I remember correctly, I have even "fixed" it once (just to find that really break more then cure). Let me explain.

Key combinations use Sonar Commands. In this case "GoTo previous marker". And then the behavior you observe from Marker Action will be buggy. But if you really want to navigate markers, please use Commands instead. There are also a bit more logic in such commands, effectively during "Play": you normally want jump to previous marker in case during play you are "near" current one, since if you press "Previous" repeatedly, the Time cursor will always advance during presses and pressing will always bring you to the same marker if that is not taken into account (Sonar is smart, it does that).

Marker Action in AZ Controller was introduced for different purpose,  not as the command duplicate. Let say you have buttons with markers on your surface (f.e. VS700 or AZ Controller OSC Phone preset). In that case, you normally have "Previous"/"Current"/"Next" labeled buttons. "Previous" is -1, "Current" is 0 and "Next" is +1 (from Cursor). In this case, you want "Current" button (0) return to the beginning of the current marker, not the "Previous" (-1) button! In other words, you want "Text" mode is in sync with "GoTo" mode. I hope you can understand the intention now.

Note that "back from" and "forward from" are there for State shift. Since states can not be negative, I need something to define the direction for the shift.

I repeat, I know all that is confusing (even for myself). I just have not found better way to do/expose that in the interface  :-\
[Control]+[Shift]+[Page Up] works correct and goes to previous marker if Play cursor is between two markers,
but "GoTo marker back from Cursor -1" goes always to a marker before previous marker if available or does nothing.

"Goto marker from Cursor +1" works also correct if Play cursor is between to markers and does the same as [Control]+[Shift]+[Page Down].
Wishes / Re: iCON Platform M+ and AZ Mackie Control support
« Last post by Hermu on September 15, 2017, 05:27:52 PM »
No problem, at the moment i have returned my iCON Platform M+ Controller and have to wait for the new one.
now i have reworked and optimized my iCON iControls preset and it's ready to use for Platform M+ adaption.
i think most of them should already work and it needs adaptions for the display and the other function should also be easy to integrate.
Tutorials / Several named instances of AZ Controller
« Last post by azslow3 on September 15, 2017, 05:25:50 PM »
v0.5.6 or later is required (current test version)

With current Cakewalk ACT philosophy, each Control Surface hardware should have its own Control Surface plug-in. In case you are using universal plug-ins, such as AZ Controller, ACT MIDI or Generic Surface, especially in case you have more then one device, use face some inconvenience, one bug and one problem:
  • Independent from your real device name, ACT Control Bar module and Utilities menu always show the plug-in name. So, instead of "MPK Mini - 1" you see "AZ Controller - 1". Once you have more then one controller and use the same plug-in, that can be annoying. You see "AZ Controller - 1", "AZ Controller - 2", etc. instead of "MPK Mini - 1", "MCU - 1", etc.
  • When using 2 or more instances of the same plug-in, preset part of the GUI is buggy. If you have both GUIs open at the same time, saving/loading preset will save incorrect preset. But even with one GUI, you always see the preset name from the first instance, even if other preset is really loaded into the second instance
  • Dynamic Plug-in Parameters Mapping is saved per plug-in, not per its instance. So if you want to use 2 controllers with different mapping, you can not do this using the same plug-in

To eliminate mentioned problems, AZ Controller can have more then one "named instance". While the plug-in is still the same, Sonar will think there are different. Each such instance has user defined name, own set of presets and GUIs are not clashing.

Instances management
  • Close Sonar (important!).
  • Using Windows File Manager, open AZ Controller directory in "Program Files (x86)/AZController" (on 32bit system in "Program Files/AZController")
  • Run AZCInstances.exe. You will be warned that it needs administrative rights, Sonar settings are saved in the registry.
  • Initially you will see 15 undefined slots. Click on any, type the name of the instance and press "Set" button. You can rename/forget instance when you want.
  • Exit AZ Controller Instances manager and start Sonar. You should see extra Control Surfaces in the "Add" list now, all them are pointing to AZ Controller
Note that uninstalling AZ Controller also delete all user defined instances (I like when programs do not leave anything in the registry when deleted). So in case you upgrade AZ Controller later, please do not uninstall previous version (that is handled correctly).

Moving presets between instances
Since Sonar "think" that each instance is a separate plug-in, it does not show "AZ Controller" presets in other instances. To avoid confusion, all published presets are still for "AZ Controller" and still in the Cakewalk format. But you have move presets by exporting/importing.
  • Add AZ Controller to surfaces (or the instance from which you want the preset)
  • Open its GUI, load required preset in the top left corner, in the "Options" Tab click "Export..." button. Enter the file name and press "Export"
  • Open the GUI of the instance where you want to use that preset, in the "Options" Tab click "Import..." button. Select the file and press "Import". For sanity, type name in the top left corner and save the preset inside Cakewalk schema

A big warning about Dynamic Plug-in Parameters Mapping for all Sonars prior 2017.1
There was a nasty bug. In case you ACT Learn (or the system somehow think it should do this) some mapping in more them one plug-in (in our case AZ Controller instances) without closing Sonar in between, the mapping file will be immediately, irreparable, corrupted! Intensively use AZ ACT Fix utility, at least you can recover previous backup then.
So, every time you want ACT Learn: exit Sonar, start Sonar, learn what you want in ONE INSTANCE ONLY, exit Sonar, run AZ ACT Fix to check the mapping is still ok and make a backup.
Discussions / Re: [Solved] TouchOSC receiving from Sonar but can't control anything...
« Last post by symetrk on September 13, 2017, 11:23:43 PM »
I posted a complicated question here a minute ago but never mind, I figured it out... heh...
Discussions / Re: [Solved] TouchOSC receiving from Sonar but can't control anything...
« Last post by symetrk on September 13, 2017, 04:48:18 PM »
I will do that, I just have to figure out how first ;)
Discussions / Re: TouchOSC receiving from Sonar but can't control anything...
« Last post by azslow3 on September 13, 2017, 04:41:25 PM »
Thanks, you are welcome ;)

As I wrote, the setting which can be "correct" and "incorrect" without changing is the IP address of PC. If not done yet, make it fixed. That is better for any kind of networking and can avoid rather strange behavior (with printers, media servers, online games, etc.). AZ Controller speaks with TouchOSC "directly", MIDI in/out are not used.
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