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ReaCWP / Re: About/Installation/Features
« Last post by azslow3 on February 13, 2018, 06:38:16 PM »
Mixing parameters:
- strip mutes
- track phase inversion

Partially converted:
- APPROXIMATE pans and levels, for strips and sends. Not yet cooperative with envelopes.

Comments (difference in behavior and conversion decisions):
- current volumes and pans conversion is not precise. Since Pan Law is not converted yet, there can be significant differences in the sound.
Presets / Re: [azslow3, almeister_65] Behringer X-Touch Mini
« Last post by Rollings on February 12, 2018, 07:22:05 PM »
Oh Ok great!! Thanks!!! :)

I will create a little image with what I would like to do on it and contact you around the end of the month.

Thank you so much!
Presets / Re: [azslow3, almeister_65] Behringer X-Touch Mini
« Last post by azslow3 on February 12, 2018, 05:28:37 PM »
All modifications can be done within AZ plug-in, no code changes required. But without programming background it is difficult to understand the concept.
I can make the preset for you, but not withing next 2 weeks. Ping me closer to the end of this month.
Presets / Re: [azslow3, almeister_65] Behringer X-Touch Mini
« Last post by Rollings on February 11, 2018, 11:16:43 PM »
Thank you so much for your very fast reply!  :D

I am not familiar with software programming no. Is all modifying done through the AZ plugin? If it is I'm sure I will find out how. But if I have to modify the code then I have to find a solution. I could also pay someone to create a little map for me.

If I get this to work in the x touch mini them this will be exactly what I need in the studio.

Presets / Re: [azslow3, almeister_65] Behringer X-Touch Mini
« Last post by azslow3 on February 11, 2018, 07:25:39 AM »
If you want completely reconfigure the logic of operations, that is hard to call "simple".
After understanding the manual and following simpler tutorials, you can understand how current preset is working and than modify it. Not an easy job in case yo was not programming before.
Presets / Xtouch Mini tweak help
« Last post by Rollings on February 11, 2018, 12:05:55 AM »

Well done on all this AZ. Looks very good! Great!

I have downloaded the xtouch mini preset for sonar and all seems ok. What I am trying to do is tweak this preset and have something simple. But I can't really figure out how to.

I want to do the following.
Layer A button light OFF - Rotaries are Pan.  then Layer A button light ON rotaries are Volume
Have 1 row of buttons - solo
Have the lower row of buttons - mute

Layer B light ON -  Channel Strip mode with lower buttons doing other custom commands like metronome on/off, snap to grid on/off etc
Layer B OFF - All Buttons doing other commands
Rotaries on layer B all set to Volume

Then somehow have layer buttons move track bank by long pressing.

Are there any tutorials on how to do this?

ReaCWP / Re: About/Installation/Features
« Last post by azslow3 on February 08, 2018, 11:10:36 PM »
Project structure:
- all planed connections are implemented, so
- strip outputs
- sends
- side chained plug-ins
- multi-output synth
- synth inside FXBin

Partially converted:
- no MIDI tracks parameters, so no forced channels, program changes, etc.

Unclear how to convert:
- Drum maps do not exist in Reaper. That is not so hard to implement, with EXACT conversion from Sonar drum maps. But it will take time and has very low priority.
- Sonar folders are visual feature only. I do not see a reason to convert them.

Can not be converted (or I do not know how):
- ProChannel and all related routing are ignored
- "external insert" from what I know does not exist in Reaper
- set external signals in general according to Sonar project is relatively difficult. So hardware audio and MIDI inputs and outputs are not assigned.
- MIDI tracks with input from Synth outputs are normally unintentional bug (when the input set to "All") or a dirty workaround for MIDI FXes in VST format. What is the case in not possible to auto-detect, so such routing is ignored during conversion.
- surround is not converted

Comments (difference in behavior and conversion decisions):
- if plug-in with MIDI input (Synth, Guitar amp, etc.) is inserted into FXBin, Sonar also show in inside Synth rack. Converter route corresponding MIDI tracks directly to the track with that plug-in and does not create it in the "Synth Rack" folder.
- Reaper has only one strip type, Track. But tracks can be buses, folders (by default folders are also buses for included tracks, but that is configurable), AUX tracks and MIDI tracks.
- There is no explicit separate "Output" for tracks. It is called "Master send" and always target next upper level folder. It has less options then "normal" sends. Can be disabled.
- Reaper tracks have from 2 to 64 audio channels. There is no "mono" tracks, but plug-ins can be configured to work with particular channels. So f.e. for Mono effects, it is possible to select it should work with "channel 45" and output to "channel 14". Also sends can sum or transmit individual channels.
- each reaper track also carry 17 (!) separate MIDI buses (not called "channels", since that clash with "MIDI channels"). Each bus has 16 MIDI channels. VST/VSTi capable to work with MIDI can be assigned to work with one particular bus. If VST/VSTi has MIDI output, it can be specified how it should influence used bus (replace, merge, or ignored). JS effects are (always?) working with default ("zero") MIDI bus.
- Sends can transfer audio and MIDI, they also specify explicitly which audio and MIDI from the original track should be sent to which destination in the receiving track.
- there is no explicit "Synth rack". VSTi/DXi are routed as normal MIDI capable FXes

For reference, in Sonar:
- an audio track can be mono or stereo only
- a bus is always audio, can be stereo or surround (with project configurable surround configuration)
- audio only sends and effects are fixed to use strip channels
- everything with MIDI input is a "synth"
- a MIDI track always work with one MIDI stream, the only inputs are hardware and "synth" outputs, the only outputs are hardware, synth or a combination of them wrapped as a "Drum map"
- synth with MIDI output ALWAYS have it enabled by default
- MIDI tracks ALWAYS have some MIDI input, by default "Omni" or "MIDI Omni", which erroneously also called "None".

So in general: project structure, audio routing and MIDI routing in Reaper restless (and hopeless) supersede Sonar in all directions. Any imaginable signal routing in Sonar possible to configure the same way in Reaper (but not in other direction).

To say several good words about Sonar:
- Piano roll MIDI editor in Sonar has several features not existing in Reaper.
- Sonar support aggregated MIDI messages ((N)RPN) as a separate MIDI events, while Reaper is able to work with "raw" events only.
- As I have mentioned in MIDI clips, Sonar also support subtick accurate MIDI timing.
- Sonar has automatic and manual (instrument definition) note names. Reaper has manual definition only, just note names (decoupled from program changes / instrument selection, which is done using separate plug-in there).
ReaCWP / Re: About/Installation/Features
« Last post by azslow3 on February 06, 2018, 04:04:27 PM »
Plug-ins (VST(i), VST3(i) and DX(i)):
- FX bins for tracks and Synth rack. With presets.

Partially converted:
- some plug-ins have special procedure. I  do not have such plug-ins, more investigation is required to fix.

Unclear how to convert:
- FX Chain in Sonar is not a plug-in which can be loaded into another DAW. May be I can "unroll" it, but it has low priority at the moment.

Can not be converted (or I do not know how):
- ProChannel (Filter in older version) is Sonar specific extra FXBin. With special plug-ins in it. It can not be converted directly. Theoretically, I can try to convert presets for EQ and Comps into presets of some other plug-ins, f.e. into ReaEQ and ReaComp. That has low priority at the moment.
- DX plug-ins with sidechains (f.e. Sonitus Compressor) and DXi with multiple outputs (TTS-1) are not currently supported by Reaper

Comments (difference in behavior and conversion decisions):
- routing, freezing, FXBinenable/disable, etc. are NOT converted yet
ReaCWP / Re: About/Installation/Features
« Last post by azslow3 on February 02, 2018, 10:16:31 PM »
Track envelopes:
- strip volume and pan automation envelopes (track envelopes), can be +-1dB different from original (to be improved in the future), see comments
- read status

Comments (difference in behavior and conversion decisions):
- envelopes can not be converted exactly. While Reaper has way more bright approaches with envelopes, in addition to different curve specification, there are general differences.
- In Sonar, strip envelopes automate absolute values. For volume, the chain is "clip gain envelope" -> "track gain" -> "pre FX" -> "track volume" OR "track volume envelope". So when volume is automated, it is replacing volume (set by  fader).
In Reaper, the chain is "Take volume" -> "Take volume envelope" -> "Track pre-fx volume envelope" -> "Track volume envelope" -> "Track Trim volume envelope" -> "Track trim" (and that is without VCA). Important practical difference is that volume envelopes are not absolute but relative. They do not "overwrite" parameters, they "add/substruct" to/from parameter value.
- In Sonar it is possible to write a peace of envelop, leaving the rest of the timeline "undefined". While that looks nice (only parts which was actually created are highlighted), that is a logical design flaw. Which value should parameter have at places where the envelope is not defined? If you let "play" the track from the beginning, every time there is no envelope, the parameter will stay as it was at the last defined position. But "jump" from one hall to another hall by mouse, and the parameter will not change. So f.e. volume of the track depends from the position you start play it.
Reaper likes deterministic behavior.  If you have an envelope and it is enabled, it always cover the whole project. So it is not possible to reproduce Sonar's design flaw there (which is not so bad).
EDIT: I am corrected by John. While Reaper can not reproduce Sonar's design flaw with "unpredictable" fader position, it is possible to reproduce separate peaces of envelops.
- Since envelopes in Reaper are addictive  and in Sonar absolute, setting volume (pan, etc.) as a separate parameter to the value in Sonar can produce unexpected behavior. In Sonar, once envelope is active, it will overwrite the value. In Reaper, envelope will adjust relative to the value. I plan to keep parameters for which envelopes are defined at unity.
ReaCWP / Re: About/Installation/Features
« Last post by azslow3 on February 01, 2018, 04:18:35 PM »
Audio clips:
- NOT LOOPED, NOT STRETCHED, NOT OVERLAPPED  Audio clips (slip edits preserved)
- stretched audio clips
- timebase and mute status
- snap offset
- clip fades

Partially converted:
- it seems like looped audio clips are somehow shown as bounced, but please do not count on that (or correct shift, slip editing, etc.)

Unclear how to convert:
- take lanes. See for MIDI clips

Comments (difference in behavior and conversion decisions):
- even with all theoretical effort, looping/stretching is not going to sound precisely the same as in Sonar. Reaper use different algorithms/libraries for that
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