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Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by BJ Baylon on December 15, 2017, 05:59:50 PM »
 I got It!

  Of the 3 main versions that I have for the preset this is the one that looks more promising. It has 24 faders that could be defined in the buttons in the Monitor edit screen as follows:

B1 -B6 define fader functions with Monitor Dim Switch as a Shift

B1           Volume
Shift B1   Pan
B2           Send 1 Level
Shift B2   Send 1 Pan
---             ----
B5           Send 4 Level
Shift B5   Send 4 Pan
B6           Selected Channel Pro Channel Functions

B7 - B12 are WAI definers

B7           Strip Type Track
B8           Strip Type Bus
B9           WAI -1
B10         WAI +1
B11         WAI - 12
B12         WAI +12

  The preset works fine but sometimes the WAI position is changed when the Strip Type returns to Track after modifying the faders functions in the Strip Type Bus view. The B1 - B12 switches transmit the same message with different values so I choosed to have the value as part of the address portion to simplify things (I think it is not neccessary to have feedback in these Buttons because they are mutually exclusive but as I sayed earlier the logic is still in developement)
Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by azslow3 on December 15, 2017, 11:00:41 AM »
If you attach your current preset, I can add let say "Mute 1" example, with correct translation and feedback.

In general, all "tricks" are simple. If "supression" flags work, we do not need any "3state per control" for buttons. In direct reaction, we can use the following to set parameter (after value 0-1 is extracted from SysEx):
Value:0 - Set Value absolute 0
Value:1 - Set Value absolute 1

Opposite in the monitor:
Value:0 - ... add 0 to sysex
Value:127 - ... add 1 to sysex

For correct checksum, the same special function as for faders should be used.

But as I wrote, I can make an example.
Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by BJ Baylon on December 15, 2017, 07:55:33 AM »
Thanks again AZ, you are amazing  :D!

  After many tests with the new preset everything seems to be working without bugs. The best setting for the I/O options is something like 80 ms of delay for every 6 to 8 Sys-Ex messages sended. Setting the delay for just one channel  resulted in too slow redraw even with the minimun 10 ms delay setting.

  I had to raise the delay value that Sonar uses after the refresh cicle in the feedback section from 1 to 2 seconds to ensure that the values remain unaltered while the faders reach new positions.

  About the switches I am not shure how to translate the values back and forth. The switch transmit 0 or 1 while the function needs 0 and 127. Also, on the monitoring cicle we need back 0 and 1 for the checksum to be generated correctly. Could you explain me just the general scheme on how to do this?
Discussions / Re: Why Reaper
« Last post by Dyonight on December 14, 2017, 03:16:00 AM »
Glad you're still around and even more glad you consider Reaper seeing what's happening to Cakewalk....  Reaper is the most responsive and stable DAW I've used so far and my 1st choice when I need to accomplish advance editing. I'll follow this with much interest.
Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by azslow3 on December 13, 2017, 01:52:06 PM »
With a delay... I have uploaded b381.

In the "Options" tab, it has "IO options..." button. Here you can:
* tune SysEx timing parameters (in the version you used before, that was hardcoded). Start conservative (up to 1 message per 100ms), then reduce till it stop working reliably and then increase a bit as a "safety". Since the documentation mention 1 per 20ms, may be that is the best setting.

* do not perform initial "timing tuning" with "suppression"  set, since that will reduce the number of data actually send.

* note that for suppression work correctly, the checksum MUST be added. SysEx packets are compared verbatim. to check "suppress from" is working you need a button assigned to control with feedback, f.e. mute. How that works:
* Mute status checked -> sent to device (let say "Mute ON")
* Device echo "Mute ON", but it is suppressed by "from". (since that is the last message we have sent)

* You press the button, its internally set "Mute OFF" and send the message "Mute OFF"
* the message is processed, asking Sonar to unmute
* Mute status checked, so it is about to send "Mute OFF". But it will be suppressed by "to" (since the last message seen is exactly that)

* you change controlled WAI
* Mute status checked. Let say that another channel is also unmuted. Since the channel is changed, the system is about to send "Mute OFF", but it will be suppressed since the message to send is still exactly as we seen before.

Note that the whole MIDI engine has to be adopted for such operations, something can be buggy...
Discussions / Re: Why Reaper
« Last post by gadeuvall2000 on December 11, 2017, 02:28:13 PM »
Speaking from Accessible point of view, this is a huge plus for blind/visually impaired users.    One thing I can tell you, personally, is that I used Sonar vor video syncing of audio for my drum covers.    I'd upload the video into a project, then  import the audio from the recording, and use the camera audio to sync the video to the studio recording.   I wonder if Reaper does something like that.   

Anyways,  I look forward to being able to help as much as possible with this.    I am currently running on the free version, but knowing that this will be worked on, I will purchase a liscensed copy very soon, so that way I can have the  newest version . 
Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by BJ Baylon on December 06, 2017, 05:14:32 AM »
 Don´t worry!

  I am working on the layout. I modified the preset so it is now posible to select the faders functions between Track Level and Track Sends 1-5 on the first 6 buttons (B1- B6). Using Shift controls the respective Pans. The logic is raw and direct but it´s working and there is no need for feedback
Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by azslow3 on December 05, 2017, 09:04:35 PM »
AZ Controller is not "forward compatible". Presets created in newer versions in general do not open in older versions.

Sorry for the delay. I hope to update the new version till the end of this week (configurable SysEx delay is already implemented, I am working with "echo cancellation" since it is too boring for buttons without it),  but not 100% sure I find the time to finish it...
Discussions / Re: Roland VM-C7200 preset
« Last post by BJ Baylon on December 05, 2017, 08:23:47 PM »
Hi AZ!

  Doing some research, I have found an option for the controls that could be used as mode and state changers. In the mixer´s monitor section (p 97 on the manual) there are 24 selectors (Monitor Source Flex Bus and Monitor Source Input) that are mutually exclusive (radio buttons) and could be operated in groups of six using the buttons under the screen. These selectors transmit on the same address different values. For the Shift control the most viable option is the Monitor Dim control which is momentary using the Talkback/Slate Button, and could be locked using the Dim Button.

  Yesterday in the afternoon I was trying to configure some buttons and found by accident that the console didn´t take the checksum value in consideration. It only needs a byte in the  required posittion but the value was irrelevant. I did some tests in the AZ presets deleting the VM-C7200 checksum generating line, and putting 00 in the final line before F7 and the mixer responded fine. I did with the last test versión of AZ Controller (I tried to rollback to the previuos versión to confirm this but my presets didn´t open).
Discussions / Re: Can AZ Controller be adapted to different DAW's?
« Last post by Cheese on December 04, 2017, 11:41:27 PM »
\o/ i see your post in that thread,you are the new guy!

they must see well meaning people come and go all the time,maybe not many with staying power or a proven track record (AZcontrol) ... doubt many will come here who will actually understand what you did for sonar,even less would actually try it :D ...  one thing is for sure

if they had AZcontrol in reaper they would shit bricks!

thanks for the transient tips,one day i`ll incorporate an easy way of working with them into my workflow .. before that i must find what crashes it,and now that seems to be anything i do ... best wishes :)
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