Author Topic: Talkback for REAPER with TotalMix FX.  (Read 2084 times)

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Talkback for REAPER with TotalMix FX.
« on: May 16, 2019, 10:58:06 PM »
Note: Windows 64bit only. The source code is included, so it potentially can be compiled on other systems (with minor changes).

How it should work:
once you start or stop recording, corresponding mute group in TotalMix is toggles. Note that it is toggled, not switched On/Off. So if initially it is de-syncronized, it will toggle wrongly.
In practice, till you also manually switching it or REAPER crash, it should stay in sync.

(v0.1) There are also 2 toggle actions, both started with "Totalmix:" (so you can find them in the action list). One force toggling mute, another toggle muting on playback. Both indicate current
state, so they both can work nicely in some REAPER toolbar.

RME TotalMix FX.
  • Communication settings (one time)
    • open "Options"/"Settings"
    • select "OSC" tab
    • select "Remote Controller Select" "1" (or any other)
    • set "Port incoming" to 7001
    • check that "In Use" is checked
    • click "OK"
  • Channels to be muted
    • make "Groups" section visible
    • press "Edit"  (groups will start blinking)
    • press "Mute 1" (highlighted, "Edit" is blinking)
    • select/deselect channels by pressing Mute ("M") buttons for them (note that Mute for input/playback channel is separate for each output)
    • press "Edit" again to finish editing

REAPER (one time):
  • download archive with DLL
  • start REAPER, select "Options"/"Show reaper resource path..."
  • close REAPER (keeping Explorer opened)
  • in Explorer open "UserPlugins" directory
  • unpack and put "reaper_talkback.dll" there
  • start REAPER
  • open "Options"/"Preferences"/"Control/OSC/Web"
  • press "Add", select "RME TotalMix Talkback", press "Ok" and "Ok" in preferences

Possible improvement:
It is possible to check what is current TotalMix state and track it. Add options to toggle different group or something else. Etc. But that is a more coding... :)
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Re: Talkback for REAPER with TotalMix FX.
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Re: Talkback for REAPER with TotalMix FX.
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2019, 08:12:42 AM »
I would love to have a manual way to do this, with an icon in reaper that reflects the current state. For instance, I would send my input 27 to the talkback system