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There is a problem in latest update: the arrow keys are blocked in pseudo interface and don't executes the direct actions. I mean if I am pressing the right or left or etc arrow key while editor focused, it doesn't moves between tones. I have to press NVDA+F2 first. Then I can press an arrow key.
Thank you for reporting, I have uploaded 0.21b4 and I hope the problem is fixed. I have only tested the fix with my current development version, so let me know if the fix does not work with release...
Hello. I can't edit and play audio files in melodyne.
When I focus to melodyne by alt tab or other methods, I hear message:
Warning: NVDA window with topmost flag hide a part of the interface. Sibiac will not work correctly.
Thanks for help!
That is just a warning. But it means exactly what it announce, for some reason you have NVDA window open and overlap with Melodyne. For graphic based accessibility tools (SIBIAC and and clickers) the application in question should not be covered by other applications.

Still you should be able to use Tab and get to the "Top menu". Make sure that all Options in Melodyne are set as described in the documentation, to hide not used parts of Melodyne interface and allow predicted placement of used controls.
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