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Select named tracks
« on: April 11, 2018, 08:59:00 PM »

I'm just starting to learn the coding in Az controller, and unfortunately I'm a bit stuck. I've read all the instructions, but there's quite a lot of the variables and the syntax I have some trouble grasping... but I'm working on it.

Right now I try to expand the tablet preset for the Az controller with a launchpad-like page.. I do allot of MIDI controlling and my main template is organized with all the audio tracks on top, and all the midi tracks on the bottom in the track view. Moving back and forth between tracks is a bit of a tenure.

What I want to is having different buttons on a pad that allow me to select certain named tracks in the project. So a button for e.g. "PAD 1 MIDI"; "Pad 2 MIDI" (these are MIDI-tracks); "Pad 1; Pad 2" (these are audio tracks). There will also be single audio tracks I'd like to navigate to (like "Vox 1"; "Guitar 1"...) In addition I'd like a button to open/close the piano roll of the selected MIDI track and a button to open the synth.

If someone could give me some input on where to start or suggestions on more eloquent solutions here I'd be grateful. I'd really like to get a grip on this! As far as I can see, I'll manage everything on the TouchOSC-side.


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Re: Select named tracks
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2018, 10:10:24 PM »
I attach an example preset, with (a kind of) controls you are asking.

Do not forget to save your current preset before switching!

Also install the latest test version of AZ Controller (presets are not backward compatible and I always use the latest AZC version).

Let me know in case you need more comments. Just some notes:
* closing PRV does not exist, so only "Close current tab".
* opening synth not always work and does not work when current track is synth (audio) track, only for MIDI or Instrument (combined).

I have tried to implement some not foreseen in Sonar functions, but that has limits (hitting bugs or not existing functions). In fact the process of developing AZ Controller was many times frustrating. I hope Bandlab improve that.