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SIBIAC with Reaper
« on: December 26, 2017, 12:26:54 PM »
Since azslow3 has announced his next DAW is Reaper, I thought I'd mention that SIBIAC would be a great companion with Reaper in parallel with OSARA (Open Source Accessible Reaper Application), a free plugin for screen readers to work with Reaper. 

Personally, I find Reaper somewhat easy to work with, although plugins are limited, any third party plugin that you own will work  in Reaper just fine. SIBIAC's plugin list , personally,  I think should just be migrated over but not changed, so if you, the user, have any of the same plugins working in Sonar with SIBIAC, they will work in Reaper just the same.

Additionally, I would like to request  integration of Kontakt 5 in simplest form  But, I know time is patience and azslow3 has a lot of work to do now, since this migration of az controller will take time, and he's busy with other projects.    I wish I knew how to program for NVDA, I would love to help.