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Multi-Out Plugin problem
« on: July 08, 2017, 09:41:15 AM »
Some Plugins, e.g. Addictive Drums support multiple Midi-inputs and Audio-outputs. This is already a little problem in Sonar itself, cause Sonar refuses to create multiple "instrument type" tracks for one instance with different Midi channel per track.

So usually you end up with your tracks like this:
AD Midi 1                 [ Your Midi Clip ]
AD Audio 1+2                                   
AD Midi 2                 [ Your Midi Clip ]
AD Audio 3+4                                   

The Audio Tracks in this setup are useless clutter in the track view and don't serve any purpose, so I remove them of course.
Then it looks like this in the track view:
AD Midi 1                 [ Your Midi Clip ]
AD Midi 2                 [ Your Midi Clip ]
AD Midi 3                 [ Your Midi Clip ]

In the Mixer Panel I do it of course other way round, there I hide the Midi tracks cause they're useless:
Mixer Panel
AD Audio 1+2 | AD Audio 3+4 | AD Audio 5+6 ....

The problem is now when I use AZ Controller, of course I work in the track view, not in the mixer view (I wouldn't need a controller for mixer if it was open anyway).

When I select those drum tracks in the track view I can only controll Midi Volume. Is there a way to make AZ Controller control the corresponding Audio Track to the selected Midi track?

(Btw. I'm already using the "no midi" option in AZ)

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Re: Multi-Out Plugin problem
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2017, 04:04:00 PM »
Sorry, but Sonar does not expose the project topology. That us long time in my wish list, at least to find synth related to specified track.
In general, Host and Synth can correctly identify which MIDI input goes to which Audio output for single Synth instance only in case both correctly implement all related VST3 information exchange, and still till some degree only (think of "Snare" MIDI track and "Snare", "FX", "Master" outputs... I mean that is one to many relation).

But you have already found "Skip midi" option. Since I have not used it for long time and no one has reported the problem before, it was broken!
So, please downloaded fixed version b367 :;sa=view;down=28
With this option set, "control all strips" option in Sonar Controls Surface Preferences and your setup (MIDI 1, Audio 1, MIDI 2, Audio 2), it should work correctly.

Alternatively, you can play with "Console only" option. But I have found Sonar can have location problems in this case under some conditions (expose to surface incorrect set of tracks). Note that to use it, "Hide" tracks in the track manager, just "not showing" MIDI tracks in Console still expose corresponding tracks to surface (yes, yet another Sonar bug).

Many users (including myself) have just one drum MIDI track, even when using Drum Synth with several audio outputs. Drum maps, step editor and total number of tracks reduction.
When feeding multi-instruments synths (like ST), I want control at least Record Arm for MIDI tracks. That is why I and I guess other are not using this option and the bug was not noticed.