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Control group member (Hardware tab)
« on: April 27, 2017, 09:15:03 PM »
I have the latest version of AZC (0.5r4 b360). Under the "Hardware" tab ther is a section called "Control group member" with four "unchecked" check boxes (A - B - C - D). What is exactly the purpose of this section? This section is not documented in the pdf manual as it seems to be a recent addon, or at least, newer than the manual.

My hardware controler is an AKAI MPK88 that has 3 Controler Banks (A - B - C). Those banks multiply my 8 knobs, faders and switches by 3. There is also 4 Pad Banks. For these two sets of hardware banks I have declared "Control Bank" and "Pad Bank" respectively as "Hardware States" under the "Option" tab.

What is the difference between "Control group member" section and the physical banks of the hardware controler declared as "States" ?

I hope my question is clear enough.


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Re: Control group member (Hardware tab)
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2017, 11:13:36 PM »
PDF is outdated, sorry. The manual in the forum is always up to date, also explain "Control groups". They are not for hardware banks but to exclude some controls temporary, to use them for "normal" MIDI input. For example, if you want use Pads or Knobs for Control Surface purpose but with a possibility to use them with softsynth directly.

For knobs and faders it is important to define different banks as different "Hardware context"s for the the same "Hardware control". "Hardware states" are for labeling only, so you can define meaningful context name.
F.e. "Fader 1" should be one "Hardware control" with 3 contexts. In each context you set Hardware Set to proper state, "Bank A", "Bank B" and "Bank C". Each context can have separate "Logical Control" with corresponding MIDI assignment. Its name is automatically composed from the <hardware control> <all defined in the context state>. So "Fader 1" "Bank A",  "Fader 1" "Bank B" and so on.
That is required for proper work of "Value" action when it should know "previous" position of the physical control (f.e. "Catch" mode).