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Produced in cooperation with Dede.
Incomplete, but useful

Note: AZ Controller v0.5r8b394 or later is required to use this preset

1. Download and install the latest AZ Controller (;sa=view;down=28).
2. Put Faderport into native mode (as in the documentation).
3. Install attached preset using Cakewalk Plug-in Manager
4. In Sonar Preferences, Control Surfaces check that AZ Controller MIDI input and output are set correctly to Faderport.
5. Select the preset (AZ Faderport V2) in AZ Controller (when updating preset, do not forget to "re-select" it after installing).

  • Transport buttons do what corresponding labels indicate (except RTZ). Marker button toggle FF/REW from normal into Marker mode.
  • Click toggle rec. metronome (without indication)
  • Knob is a jogger. Clicking it toggle between measures and beats modes
  • Channel switch between Tracks and Buses (lit when controlling Buses)
  • The fader controls:
    • Volume - Pan and Link are off. Next and Previous switch strips.
    • Pan - Pan button toggle that
    • Send volume - Link button toggle that. Next and Previous switch between sends
  • Solo, Mute, Arm work as labeled. With Shift, Solo and Mute are toggling all channels
  • Write toggle write automation arming for Volume
All other controls and combinations are not defined yet...

30.11.2018 - Initial version
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