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[AZ, dede] M Audio CODE 61 preset
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:10:07 AM »
Hi everybody, attached is the Code 61 preset Alexei generously developed for my new M AUDIO Code 61 controller, an awesome job making the best use of the AZ Controller plugin for Sonar. I'm impressed and full of gratitude.

it works like this:

Play = Play
Rec = Rec
Stop = Stop
FFW = Move to next measure
RWD = Move to previous measure

Transport mode, Button mode, Fader mode and Encoder mode must be set to Mackie mode.

F1= Master bus (a bus with name "Master") volume
F2= Track WAI 1 volume
F3= Track WAI 2 volume
F4= Track WAI 3 volume
F9= Track WAI 8 volume

Bank buttons move focus to next group of (eight) tracks (when in Mackie mode)

Shift+B1= changes buttons mode: Track-Rec-Solo-Mute
When set to "Track" button pressed brings focus to that track
when set to Rec button press arms/disarms that track for recording
When set to Solo or Mute, you guess...

B2= Track-Rec-Solo-Mute TRACK1
B3= Track-Rec-Solo-Mute TRACK2
B4= Track-Rec-Solo-Mute TRACK3


E1= Pan pot (current focused track)
E2= First Send Level (current focused track)
E3= Second Send Level (current focused track)
E4= Third Send Level (current focused track)
E5= Last tweaked parameter (current focused Plugin or PC module)
E6= Jog-Wheel (navigate time line)
E7= Navigate Tracks
E8= WAI Bus output volume

Please note that E5 works with last "tweaked" parameter/control on plugin UI, not last "touched" so you have to click on that button and actually move it in order to Code61 focus on that parameter.

Again, thanks Alexei for your generosity, incredible work on this AZ controller really.

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Re: M Audio CODE 61 preset
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 08:14:36 AM »
I have re-attached preset to the first post and modified the text a bit (transport buttons must be in Mackie mode, Bank switching works when bank buttons are in Mackie mode as well, which tracks and bus are controlled is specified by WAI).